Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year...a little late

well since my last blog...

Christmas has come and gone, it was good! I carried on my Granny's tradition and had the family over for Christmas dinner...there was 26 of us in my house on my new carpet, well we enforced the "no shoes on the carpet" rule so it turned out ok plus it was like 70 degrees and we set tables up outside so there was no food or drinks on the carpet either...Granny was watching out for me from above (she always made everything ok for me so I know she had a hand in talking God into Springtime weather and no rain on Christmas day) girls got way too much (like always) but they were happy...let's see MP3 players, an American Girl, a WII, a 4-wheeler, clothes, new bookbags, cds, bubble baths, lotions, Nerf dart guns, cap guns (I know, my girls wanted boy toys?), and I'm sure I've left off a lot...why do I always say I'm cutting back this year but never do? in-laws were suppose to come up from Florida to be with us but my mother-in-law has been having serious health issues and a couple of days before Christmas they flared up again and they couldn't make it...I had 2 very disappointed girls in my house, they have never spent Christmas with that side of the family because we always stay home for Christmas

New Year's Eve...Jenna wanted a bon fire with my daddy, sister's & brother's families so she got was a bit cold and windy that night and she decided she wanted to stay inside where it was warm but she wanted the fire outside that Wayne & I ended up staying with

New Year's Day...left to visit family in Florida...mother-in-law didn't look good at to see everybody down there but 1 brother-in-law and his family; maybe next time

I hope you all had a Merry CHRISTmas and I hope 2009 is all you wish for!!!


Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Great picture! Chelsey looks so grown. The first part of your story made me cry. Glad ya'll had a great Christmas. Hope Ms. Bonnie gets to feeling better soon!