Wednesday, March 11, 2009

3/11 Outdoor Wednesday

It's Wednesday so time to take a trip outside...get over to Susan's at and check out all the other outdoor post...thank you Susan for organizing this for us
since I'm so ready for summer and a nice trip to the beach I'm going to share some pictures from the weekend getaway that the hubby and I took to Amelia Island in June 2008

the view from our room

we took a river cruise and the dolphins were jumping all around us but my camera was too slow to get the picture of the dolphin but this is still beautiful

this is another view from our river cruise

this was walking to the beach; there's a hawk sitting on the rail

the beach! what more can I say?

hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

I love Amelia Island!

The dolphin cruises are so much fun. I'm always surprised at how close they'll come to the boat.

Thanks for sharing - and I'll get your Relay for Life donation out as soon as I get stamps!

Susan said...

Happy Outdoor Wednesday Kristie! I haven't been to Amelia Island in years... wonderful to see pictures from there again! Thanks for sharing your photos.


Melissa Wertz said...

I have never been to Amelia Island, but I have been on dolphin cruises and rides. Oh what fun! Wonderful photos. Makes me want to go to the beach!

♥ Kathy said...

The sky over the water is absolutely breathtaking. Happy OW!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

What a pretty setting. I love Amelia Island. I used to get up there more frequently, but lately I haven't done it as much. This makes me want to go visit.

Thanks for sharing...

Happy OW!


Sheila :-)

Light and Voices said...

Amelia Island is so wonderful! Thanks for posting your lovely pictures. Happy Outdoor Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Nice photos - Happy OW!

Tealady said...

Hi Kristie,

I am glad to see photos of Amelia Island because I've heard of it. Is Dog Island nearby? Do you remember Celestine Sibley who was a columnist for the AJC for a hundred years? LOL She went to those islands for weekend getaways.

All the best, Lana @ Showers of Blessings

Anonymous said...

Love your pics!

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful from your room. And the rest of scenes you shared are wonderful. I wish I could see the dolphins :-)

mbkatc230 said...

Beautiful pictures. I've never been to Amelia Island, but it looks gorgeous. And any beach picture is a great picture, right? Kathy

Blondie's Journal said...

I'm not sure where Amelia Island is but I would love to visit thanks to your beautiful photos!

I love the picture of the hawk, you rarely see them sitting so low to the ground. And the last picture of the beach is so frameable!

Thanks for sharing your getaway on OW!! :-)