Friday, February 27, 2009

some of my favorite things

I blog about my Granny alot but she was an important part of my life and I have lots of specials memories I want to I'm going to share some my favorite things of her's that I got when she passed away

I've always loved these plates, I guess I'm a fruity person...these plates where given to my Granny & Grandaddy for Christmas 1964 from my Grandaddy's brother and sister in be that old they are still in pretty good condition...I have them hanging in my dinning room

also hanging in my dinning room is this painting of more fruit...not sure where it came from or how old it is but I've always liked it

this mirrow is haning in my kitchen (as you can see in the reflection)...I had never seen this before until we were remodeling (if you're new here and don't know, I got my Granny's house) and tore out one of the closets and it was stuck in the very back...I think it's pretty awesome

this painting is hanging in our's the "Mill Stream" by Robert Wood

Chelsey and Jenna both wanted this mirror with the "Lord's Prayer" on it so to avoid an argument it is hanging in the office

these are a few of my favorites that belonged to my Granny

hope you have a great weekend!


eight helping hands said...

I love fruity things! My whole kitchen is apple and pear. I alos like your picture "the stream" that is beautiful, you're so lucky!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I love those plates! Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Great things!! Love your red wall too!

Mimi said...

Just look at your walls talking and telling all about you. Isn't it just amazing what wall decor can share about the people living in a house?

MomNextDoor said...

the Robert Wood print is of Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway, part of National Park Service, in southwest VA. The Park Service still operates the mill