Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day...

so how did you meet your special someone?

my story is different, I'm sure...I always picked the bad best friend's (Tricia) boyfriend (Windle) joined the Marines and he met this guy (Jerry) and told Tricia "Kristie has to meet this guy, get her to write him" we started writing letters while he was in boot camp (this is March 1993)...Tricia asked me to ride with her to Windle's boot camp graduation (April 16, 1993) and I could meet Jerry, so I at first sight...Jerry and Windle had 2 weeks off before they had to report to their next duty station but Jerry lived in Florida and I was in Georgia, so he went his way and I went mine...about 4 days later I get a call at work from Jerry and he says "so where exactly do you work?" and I told him "State Farm" he says "no, where?" so I give him the address and minutes later the door opens and in walks Jerry with a dozen red roses...he and Windle had already planned to fly to their next duty station together but he just came up earlier than planned so he could spend some time with me (he left his family to spend his days off with me) for the next week and a half I was with Jerry everyday after work then departure day came so Tricia and I drove them to the airport...not knowing what would come next, he once again went his way and I went mine...the phone calls and mail kept coming...they had a long weekend and wanted Tricia and I to come to North Carolina to see them, so we pack up the car and head to North Carolina and spent Mother's Day weekend with the 2 of them (our Mothers were not happy but oh well)...then he gets his next orders, California!...when he is telling me this over the phone he says, "Kristie I love you, will you marry me? I promise I'm on one knee"...I say "YES!"...all my friends and family think I'm crazy! we start planning a wedding for when he leaves California, September 1993 but then he gets his next orders, Japan...oh crap, I am not going to Japan! and I don't want all our 1st to be spent apart so our wedding is pushed back to September all our family and friends are breathing a little easier, they don't think the year apart will ever work...we proved them wrong and we got married September 10, 1994


eight helping hands said...

AWWWW! How sweet. I met my first love when we were both in the Army. Military "love" can be difficult, but I'm sure glad you two chose to stick to it. That was an inspiring story.

vintagewindow said...

What a sweet love story. Just shows you long distance relationships can work, but you both have to be willing to go the extra mile(s).
I met Phil at work. I may do a post about it tomorrow.

Thanks for joining in on the fun. Your letters is "L"

Have a happy day,