Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm back...

but for how long...it's been a while since I last posted but my life have been (yes you guessed it) CRAZY...we stayed with my Daddy for 1 1/2 months while our house was being finished since we sold our other one faster than we ever expected and for the past month I've been trying to unpack and get everything organized (I am married a to Marine, once a Marine always a Marine, so everything has to be perfect) and I still have some trim to get painted (I'm sick of painting but I'm the one who said "let's save a little money and do the painting ourselves")...so who has time to blog? (not me Tracy)

but here goes...my daughters have birthdays a day apart (Dec 6 & 7) so I always try for the 2-in-1 special (get 'em over with in one shot) but no not this year...let's see I'm a HUGE Gator fan and the Gators play Saturday in the SEC Chompionship game at 4 against Bama so no party Saturday afternoon so I was shotting for Saturday 11-3:30 but I forgot about the Byron Christmas parade which 5 of Chelsey's friends will be in (cheerleading & dance team) so then I go for Friday 5-10 (you know I can't miss that football game and I don't want a lot of girls running around screaming, only I can scream at bad calls), I call all Jenna's friends and then Chelsey said "Momma there is a basketball game and the same 5 girls have to be at the game"...long story short we are having 2 parties this year, Jenna's on Friday night and Chelsey's on Sunday afternoon but I will be watching my Gators win the SEC Chompionship without all those extra girls running around screaming

nothing else to blog or complain about right now but I'm sure Tracy will keep on me until I do antoher one (you know I love you Tracy or I wouldn't be doing this)


Anonymous said...


Your comments about Marines made me want to recommend this book to you.

Below is a link to a Hollywood-style book trailer for "Once a Marine: An Iraq War Tank Commander's Inspirational Memoir of Combat, Courage, and Recovery," by Nick Popaditch with Mike Steere (Savas Beatie, October 1, 2008).


Make sure you watch to the very end for a "special" photo message from "Gunny Pop" Nick. I know you will appreciate seeing him.

Nick "Gunny Pop" Popaditch is a former marine Gunnery Sergeant, a Silver Star winner, a 15-year veteran of the USMC, and was widely known around the world as "The Cigar Marine:" (Google it.). His tanks captured Firdos "Saddam" square in April 2003 and pulled down the hated statue. Nick was severely wounded one year later with an RPG to the head, which was captured live by a media news crew. He had to fight his way through an incredible odyssey of turmoil, heartbreak, and bureaucracy to recover everything he had lost. His website is www.onceamarine.com.

If you know anyone in the media who you think would be interested in interviewing "Gunny Pop," don't hesitate to call or email them and let them know.

We appreciate your support of Nick and his family in any way you are able. The success of this book will open doors for this blind warrior, and hopefully provide revenue and success to someone who has sacrificed so much for his country.

Thank you.

Tammy Hall
Sacramento, California

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Good start! We'll see you at the party!