Tuesday, September 23, 2008

so why that guy?

what is it that this guy has that Chelsey likes so much? Chelsey is a honor student who has never gotten in trouble at school, her teachers always tell me how quiet she is in class...so what attracts her to this trouble maker? he has been in ISS 3 or 4 times this school year (school started Aug 7), he has "asked her out" 2 times and broke up with her the 1st time the same day for another girl and the 2nd time it lasted 4 days before he broke up with her (last night) again for another girl...and she still likes him!?! if he told her today that he wanted to "go out with her" again she'd say ok...I don't get it, what makes her think she deserves to be treated this way? she deserves so much better...11 and already atttracted to the "bad boys", I've got some rough years ahead of me!

I liked it so much better when boys were gross!


Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Do me & Bo Bo need to jack this boy up?

the Gator Mom said...

this guy is finally history...or atleast I hope