Tuesday, September 23, 2008

so why that guy?

what is it that this guy has that Chelsey likes so much? Chelsey is a honor student who has never gotten in trouble at school, her teachers always tell me how quiet she is in class...so what attracts her to this trouble maker? he has been in ISS 3 or 4 times this school year (school started Aug 7), he has "asked her out" 2 times and broke up with her the 1st time the same day for another girl and the 2nd time it lasted 4 days before he broke up with her (last night) again for another girl...and she still likes him!?! if he told her today that he wanted to "go out with her" again she'd say ok...I don't get it, what makes her think she deserves to be treated this way? she deserves so much better...11 and already atttracted to the "bad boys", I've got some rough years ahead of me!

I liked it so much better when boys were gross!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

will I ever learn?

I have this problem, I can't say NO...anytime I'm asked to do something, I can never tell someone NO...

January 18th my Granny passed away...very sad day...my Granny was a very important part of my life and I miss her dearly...what does that have to with saying no? good question!

in February I was asked to be the President of the Byron Middle School Booster Club...
I said "I don't know, I don't think I have time"...
"but Kristie you will be so good at it, it's 1 meeting a month"...
I said "Chelsey is just going into Middle School, what if she doesn't make a team"
"but Kristie, you know she will. Kristie you are an awesome leader, look what all you've done with the Relay for Life. Please!"
I said "Ok, I'll do it"
what the crap was I thinking?

July all the legal stuff was finished with Granny's will and her house is mine...my Granny & Grandaddy's house that they lived in most of their married life is mine...that's still hard to grasp...we started remodeling the house, it was built in 1930 has had lots of remodeling through the years but we have to make a 2 bedroom 1 bath house big enough for the 4 of us; we will soon have a 3 bedroom 2 bath totally renewed house

August, it's time for recreational soccer...Chelsey and Jenna both love soccer and what do I do...I'm the soccer coach for Jenna's team, 2 nights a week I'm coaching soccer...do I really have time for this?

I'm trying to pack up all the stuff in this house (we sold house #1 and have to be out by the end of the month but our new house won't be finished by then so we have to stay with my Daddy), pick out colors for my new house, run the Booster Club (it's more than that 1 meeting a month they told me about), coach soccer, be Momma, be a wife, etc...oh yeah, my business, my Tastefully Simple business just keeps getting thrown to the side while the rest of my life takes over

when will I ever learn that simple 2 letter word...NO!

to be continued...

ok Tracy

ok Tracy I'm doing this just for you because you know I have all this FREE time...where does my time go? maybe if I learn to say "no" I will have some FREE time...

just last week (September 10th) I celebrated my 14th wedding anniversary...that was a shocker to ALOT of people, we were told by everyone that we wouldn't last a year...pretty neat how we met, my friend Trica's boyfriend Windle went off to Marine Corps bootcamp and met this fellow Marine Jerry and Windle knew that we had to meet; we wrote letters back and forth for about 2 months then finally met on April 16, 1994 and it was love at frist sight...after a year and a half of Jerry being in California and Japan we got married, we may have spent a month together from first time meeting to marriage (September 10, 1994)...I guess I can see their concerns...I was a Marine wife, that is a very hard job and I have the upmost respect for all Military wives...THANK YOU ALL for the sacrifices that you and your families make...

on my 25th birthday I got the wonderful news that I was going to have a baby, wonderful news but oh so scary when you are 8 hours from home luckily my baby was due a month and a half before Jerry gets out of the Marines or I would have really gone crazy...my daughter has always been very stubborn, 2 weeks after her due date I was induced...December 6, 1996, welcome Chelsey Logan

January 7, 1997 we moved back to Byron...home at last!

Chelsey was going to be an only child until I had my eyes opened at the funeral of one of my favorites Aunts...my Daddy is one of 9 so that's a huge family and one of his sisters who I always thought the world of died of cancer on December 8, 1998...she was the perfect woman, wonderful wife & mother of 5...after seeing her children and how much they supported each other through her illness and death I knew Chelsey had to have someone who she could always count on...April 10, 1998 I found out I was pregnant with baby #2

baby #2 being stubborn like her big sister was also late, I was scheduled to be induced on December 10, 1999 but the day before the 1 year anniversary of Aunt Dot's death, December 7, 1999 Jenna Nicole decided she was ready to make her enterance...also the day after her big sister's 3rd birthday

that's enough for now...more of my life later