Thursday, January 15, 2009

do I expect too much?

I was an average student in school, I was one of those students who had to bust my butt to made me mad that my sister and brother were both straight A students and never studied, me on the other hand studied all the time and made Bs & Cs (if I was lucky)

fast forward...I have 2 extremely smart daughters, Honor Roll every 9 weeks...this past report card Chelsey dropped in every single subject, yes she still made Honor Roll but I don't think it was her best...her average dropped from a 96 to a 91...I put her on restriction until mid-term and if her grades aren't up she stays there...I took away her computer (unless it's school related) and her cell phone...I've always told them that I don't expect perfection but I do expect 100% and I don't think she gave 100% because she never brings books home

was I too tough? do I expect too much?

to add to it, her mouth lately has gotten really smart...she thinks she's always right, she always has to have the last word, she's just like her Daddy!


Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Let that baby come live with me! I can't believe you put her on restrict for A's! :)

Sassy got 2 B+ & 1 A, the rest S's. And she's only in 1st grade.

the Gator Mom said...

but her average dropped 5 points plus her mouth had a lot to do with it too

Mrs4444 said...

I guess you would know what's best; seems a bit harsh to me (91 is a B, isn't it?) We ground the kids for anything under a B. That said, I'll bet it's going to work. :)

Preppy 101 said...

I just read this post today. I taught for 33 years, so I have some insight into these things. Before I put her on restriction, I would have gone to the teachers {requested a conference} to find out WHY the grades dropped. She may be working hard and the material may be getting harder. Smart mouth - wouldn't tolerate for a minute. But if that's why she's grounded, don't tie it to the grades.